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Bronze Symposium – Our Foundry Crew

Bronze Pour Video

The video below is from a bronze pour done by Bernie Carreno and his crew…

Bernie CarrenoSupervisor: Bernie Carreno, Carreno Studios, Inc. –
(MFA Sculpture, BFA Sculpture) While sustaining a career as a working sculptor, Carreno was the chair of the Sculpture Department at the Indianapolis Art Center from 2003 to 2011, where he taught sculpture classes each semester during his tenure. He also produced and hosted three Iron Casting Symposiums, held biannually at the Center, instituted iron and bronze casting, and developed a certificate program in Sculpture. Carreno’s MFA was earned while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on a full graduate fellowship. During 35 years as a working artist, he has received numerous fellowships and grants, including a Cintas Fellowship and two Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grants. His work is represented throughout the Americas and is included in the collections of the Frost Museum of Art in Miami, The University of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Art Center, and several community hospitals, among others. His work has been exhibited extensively in solo and group shows. Carreno’s professional experience also includes the development of product and packaging designs and environmental test designs for electronics, aerospace, and health care companies worldwide.

Mike HelbingMike Helbing –
(MFA, BA Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewelry) Mike and a partner ran an art job shop in Indianapolis for six years before moving to Chicago in the mid eighties with a work emphasis on sculpture fabrication, casting, mold making and associated processes. After graduate school, Mike received a Fellowship from the State of Illinois Art Council and continued to produce sculpture and exhibit throughout the USA and Canada. In 1995 he began to work with world-famous sculptor Richard Hunt and assumed the position of vice president of Sculptural Services. In this capacity he was in charge of production and installation of large sculptures, including works for Richard Hunt at Meijer Sculpture Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a fifty-five foot high stainless steel sculpture at St Joseph, Michigan, sculptures in Springfield Village Park, located in Augusta, Georgia, and at Midway airport in Chicago, Illinois. During this time Mike forged ahead with his own work installing public sculptures in Hutchinson, Kansas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Quebec, Canada. He continues with casting and also welding to accomplish his work today. Mike has served on granting boards and on advisory groups, and has been very involved with the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum as a member artist, chairman of the board and as curator.

Glenn F. EvansGlenn F. Evans –
(Ph.D., MS, BS) Glenn studied sculpture with Bernie Carreño (2005-2010) and became an Instructor in bronze, aluminum and iron casting at the Indianapolis Art Center from 2008 to present. His teaching experience includes resin bonded sand, ceramic shell lost-wax, bell founding using traditional mud-loam molds, patinas for cast metal, iron furnace operation and casting, bronze and aluminum furnace fabrication, operation and casting, as well as instruction on foundry safety. Iron conferences include Buffalo State Teachers College, Sloss Furnaces and the Indianapolis Art Center. He has also helped organize and coordinate iron conferences at the Indianapolis Art Center (2008, 2010). Most of Glenn’s work is three-dimensional and his favorite medium is cast metal, particularly bronze and iron. Having been an admirer and observer of nature all his life and after studying biology through the microscope for 30 years, he is creating sculptures inspired by this period of study. He is also an accredited judge with the American Orchid Society and participates regularly in orchid exhibit and show judging.

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